Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday, June 6

Brenna loved my new haircut in the picture above (this was an arm reach self portrait - good thing I have such long arms!- but didn't think that anyone could actually see how short it is - so I took the picture below with the webcam to show how short it is, lol - be kind, I don't have any make-up on, not even lip gloss, lol!

(I never know quiet where to look with the webcam thing...)
Hello All!!!
Hope all is well out there. Dustin and I both had our haircut this morning (mine for the first time over here - what a hair whimp am I - that, and I had finally found a great hairdresser in Ohio before we left - any one in Medina - go to Salon Roots - they are the best). O.k., now that I am done rambling about my hairdresser in Medina, the one here did a pretty decent job getting my hair to look like the picture (why is it that the haircut looked so much better on the person in the picture??) and it is now very short for the summer time. My hair was a mess of dead ends and old color, so it was good to get that all chopped off - I'm sure it was at least 4 inches...(on the front - it is longer than in the back).
Other than that, we went to the mall this morning and walked around - I ended up getting Brenna a snack of coconut chunks here (can you find those in the US - like thumb nail size chunks - like dried pineapple??) - she loved them!!! Poor Dustin doesn't know what he is missing!
Hope my grandparents have a great anniversary party tomorrow - sorry we are missing it :-) Congrats on all your years together.
Well, I must go out an walk the dog before it rains again! Hope everyone has a great day!
Take Care!


Tracy S said...

Hey, I love the haircut!! I keep wanting to go short again, but really like being able to do a ponytail since its easy :) Good for you though, I think the cut looks really good on you.