Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday, June 27 (Post 2)

Well, I had to add the pictures of one of the projects I worked on today. I made Brenna 2 new dresses today - the first shown here is a pillowcase dress. It isn't my best work (which is why you don't get to see the back), but after making my 2nd dress - I think I know all the things I would do differently. I was my normal self when making the dress and cut first and then tried to figure out how to fix what I started, lol. The dress started as a halter style, but ended up with the top straps made into a criss cross so that the back didn't droop so much. It looks like she has a bustle in the back as that is where all the extra fabric from the pillow case ended up, lol. But, it is really soft - hope it will stay that way after washing over here, lol. Hopefully, Brenna will like my 2nd dress as well as the 1st (I think it turned out really cute - sorry no hints, you will just have to wait until tomorrow). Brenna picked out the embroideries for the 1st dress - and they are really cute and nice and bright. Can you tell that she thinks she is a princess when she puts on a new dress??? (I have to say - I can't believe how her arm bends in the 2nd picture - I think maybe she is double jointed or something??)


mikaysmom said...

Is the pinwheel her wand? Mikayla always has a wand when she is a princess. I guess they somehow have associated that with being a princess. Somehow, Chad and I had to be a witch while we played, but we didn't get a wand. I would say that your dress looks pretty good for not having a pattern. Looking forward to seeing more A.C. creations! love ya!