Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday, June 3

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. We drove my mom up to the airport today (boy, will Brenna and I be missing her in the upcoming days :-( on the bright side, we will be home in July for a month ourselves to visit family). Brenna isn't quite sure what to think of my mom leaving - she was very attached to her during her stay, so I'm sure I will hear for several days about where Gammy went off to...
Yesterday, we had a quiet day around the house - we baked English Muffin bread again (mom, sorry about the instructions the first time - I didn't write them, the recipe people did, lol) and it turned out very good (wish I had more people to share it with - hopefully, Dustin will help me out tonight - not sure why he "helped me out" with Brenna's Pringles though...oh yeah, "once you pop, you can't stop", right, lol - at least she didn't miss them yet). We made the embroidery above on an apron for my German teacher. She had a birthday the same week I did (she also got married a few days before - not sure what if anything a person should get for a German wedding over here?). I love these little egger embroideries (yes, Renee - I will get these done for you before coming home this summer, lol - I have forgotten which colors you picked out, but does it really matter so much now, lol).
Brenna and I are going to visit my German teacher this afternoon (I actually have the car - I don't think I have driven around here since before Christmas - how sad is that - shows how everything necessary for me is within walking distance or can be ordered online, lol - my parking job so far is lacking, but oh well...).
I think that is it so far today. We did manage to stop 3 times on the way to the airport for potty breaks for Brenna - I think she is going to have to get up earlier on the days we travel, lol - but at least she is going on the potty.
Take Care!