Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday, January 14

So, I was feeling bad that I hadn't shared any pictures over the last few days - so here are a few "keepers" from the holidays :-) Above, Renee (or Aunt Nay Nay as she is known to Brenna (and sometimes just Kayla girl's mom)) and Brenna trade scarves.

I had several good models above changing into princess costumes. Alexis with a crown, Ally with her Mermaid costume, and Brenna as Sleeping Beauty. Below, Mikayla (who has such a great smile - I think she is destined to be an actress someday Renee, lol!) modeling her new apron and purse (I made the apron and the purse that she has going across her).
Brenna and Gammy having fun with frosting :-) The videos of these are really cute too - thanks for sharing! Although the dance ones are even better with Brenna and Steven.
o.k. - I had to put these shots up because my little diva just kept waving in all of them - so picture 1 with all of the grandkids on the Carpenter side of the family (Dustin's dad's side)
Picture 2 with just the kids (doesn't her smile look a little mischevious??)
Picture 3 with my side of the family cousins. (sorry Zach!)
Brenna with my playdough dog (I thought he was pretty impressive, lol)

Ally (that girl is going to model someday - she loves the camera - look out Karen, lol!).
Alexis (then again - she is a pretty good model too - look out Eric and Karen!)
Brenna in the Beanie baby pile - can you find her??

Brenna modeling her new necklace from Aunt Nay Nay
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there!! It was a slippery day here in Germany - Brenna and I both fell going down the front steps out of our apartment (luckily not together though) - no injuries thankfully (but I think I will be very sore tomorrow - all I could think when I was flying through the air on my fall was that I can't afford to be hurt here - I have too much to do with Brenna and the dog everyday!). So, today was also Brenna's first day back to Kindergarten (all I could think on the way home was that if we had today's weather in Ohio, school would have been cancelled - thick fog all day and plenty of slippery ice all around). Brenna slipped on the second step leaving our house, so we didn't make it very far before our first incident (the rest of the way to school was slippery, but we made it without any more falls :-) Brenna's best friend, Samira, was entering school as we came up - she was so excited to see Brenna back (and Brenna was pretty happy to see her too). I thought I might even get lucky with her easily going into the class after such a long break, but we had some tears this morning :-( Hopefully, tomorrow will be better (and if not tomorrow, then hopefully next week). After my fall today (I'm sure it was something to see - silly American goes outside with no coat and house shoes and then takes flying leap off of top step onto ground with one knee bent and the other straight out in front (yeah - again, I'm sure I will be feeling that tomorrow...)), I did let the landlord know how slippery it was (although unfortunetly, I didn't learn all my snow/ice words well enough to say that there was a thin glaze of ice on the steps (I think I would be really good with charades these days, lol - even the dog stumbled when I took him out at 11).
Our time adjustment is going slow - hopefully by the middle of next week it will be a little better (it is so much easier to get your body to start sleeping in later then it is to get up earlier!). I know that Dustin is looking forward to the weekend and hopefully sleeping in :-)
Well, I think that covers some of our highlights - I didn't get all my vacuuming done today, so I will have to sweep again tomorrow :-( Justice has been loosing a crazy amount of hair since we came back - I think all that time in the kennel isn't good for him.
Take Care!