Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday, March 31

Hello All!!

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Germany today :-) Brenna and I are enjoying the warmth and taking time to go to the near by parks. Brenna loved the package she got from Gammy and Papa Carpenter - she stripped herself to put the swimsuit on. She loved the Tinkerbell hat and wore it to the park today.
Can you tell from Brenna's shoe selection that she was getting used to the rain, lol :-) The boots are the easiest for her to put on and her favorite with everything. She is getting to be quiet the hat girl - hope you enjoy these pics!
Brenna seems to be doing o.k. on the potty. Hopefully, we will be in underware soon - I think she is getting closer everyday!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

I didn't get to comment yesterday but gotta love your daughter's sense of style. I can only picture her and Mikayla together in their cooky styles, so much fun!!! Hope that your weather stays nice so that you can enjoy the spring flowers that are starting to come up and just get out of the house a little. I'm sure the dog enjoys it as well. I still love the raingear!