Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday, June 5

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. We have had a pretty quiet last couple days - just getting back to our routine. Brenna and I played tent yesterday and today (build a "tent" with blankets and chairs - I think our tent yesterday was better than today, I could lay in yesterday's tent, lol), played with playdough today, and played doctor visit. I needed to clean today, but put that off until tomorrow - I'm sure the dog hair will still be here, lol! Although, the camera got put away, so no pictures from the last couple days, lol! I've been thinking about taking the camera on the walk with the dog - I love the flower that they have over here called foxglove (native over here) - I just think it is a cool looking flower. With mom going home, I'm going to have to send her pictures of flowers so she can help me identify them, lol!

I've been trying to wake up very early to take the dog for his walks in the morning - hopefully, I can keep that up as it is very good exercise for both of us. Going to be a bummer for all of us when Dustin travels out of town for the week in 2 weeks :-( At least we have a long weekend next weekend - 4 days :-) I took a walk with one of our German friends today - I must work more on speaking and listening - didn't feel very competent today with my language skills...

I'm scheduled to get my first German hair cut tomorrow - I think I'm just going to find a picture to take in and hope to come out looking somewhat like the picture - cross your fingers!! The place has a great play area for kids, but hopefully Dustin will be able to entertain Brenna for a morning - I know he is hoping to sleep-in somewhat.

Well, that is about it for today!
Take Care!