Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, June 15

Hello All!!

Can you believe that it is the middle of June already??? Our time is sure flying by!! The weather here has been very humid (muggy) and warm (but not unbearable) - it has been raining all evening so I'm hopeful that the weather will feel better tomorrow. At least the evenings continue to cool off which makes sleeping easier (especially with no fans or AC). I love Brenna's sense of style from yesterday - she had to wear her bathing suit all day (and we didn't go to the pool at all) - but at least it helped her stay somewhat cool with the warm weather. We put pants on her when we went into town, but she had to have them off once we got back home again.
We had German class this morning (boy do I need to spend more time studying - I know I keep saying that) and then an early lunch. Brenna loves boiled eggs - I think she had about 4 or 5 today (although she will only eat the egg white - I don't really blame her, that is the only part I eat on the boiled ones too). I killed the largest bee/hornet that I have ever seen this morning when he flew into our apartment - the guy was massive - I think he was as long as one of my fingers. Hopefully, I'm not tramatizing Brenna with that - she talked about it this morning with our German teacher and then my mom later on the phone....We went on a walk this afternoon with one of my german friends and her daughter and Brenna had a chance to play at the park some (although it was too wet for the slide, but at least she played on the swings). I can't believe how fast our time is going and that my little girl turns 3 very shortly. I pitted cherries after dinner today - what an task that is - my hands look very interesting after that task, lol. Our landlord gave us a large bowl of cherries from their tree - it is so nice how generous they have been to us.
No plans tomorrow except to maybe get some more cleaning done. Maybe I can get a couple embroideries that I have been planning done (and maybe I should put some planned time in to study???). Dustin leaves for his trip on Wednesday morning, but at least he is supposed to be home on Friday evening.
I think that is it for today! Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

The bee sounds extremely scary considering you have long fingers! Funny what kids pick up on when it comes to what they see you doing. Mikayla's newest saying is "What the heck?" I have to really watch what I say and do. She's terrified of the mosquitoes too, I suppose that's my fault! Oh well. Her bathing suit is too cute, I'm sure she'll be wearing it a lot even if you don't go to the pool everyday! Love ya!