Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday, June 21

Hello All!!! Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy father's day out there (sorry, no cards went out - somehow this holiday just snuck up on me...) We are having a quiet day in today - I made some sopapillos this morning for breakfast for Dustin for father's day (he had already bought a computer bag for his gift).

We ran some errands yesterday and are working on cleaning today. Dustin needs some downtime before his next trip (although he flies out tomorrow for England and then Turkey next week) - hope he has some relaxing time this weekend. Brenna is loving the smell of mowed grass around here (a lot of people let the grass grow high so we don't have the smell all the time) - the last time one of the neighbors mowed their grass she asked what the smell was - then proceeded to say "sugar, I think..." (I would take that to mean she liked the smell, lol). Justice and I have been working on getting some long walks since Dustin is home - I think I am sore and stiff after these every day - am I that old already?, lol!! (It helps when Brenna and I do our yoga - she isn't as interested in it since my mom left, bummer...) I love that I can walk up the hills here and sometimes run down to the bottom - isn't that the best part of hills (although there was a time I would run up and down the hill - not lately though - unless I can teach Justice how to pull me all the way to the top of the hills, lol). We forgot to go the kindergarden open house yesterday, oops - it completely slipped my mind until about 15 minutes before it was over (but Dustin wasn't feeling the best yesterday anyways).

I can't believe in about 4 weeks Brenna and I are back in the US for 4 weeks (I think both 4 week times will fly by!!)

Well, I think that is about it for today! Take Care!!


mikaysmom said...

I love the PAPA confection! How appropriate! I was at mom and dad's and got to see your little video, too cute! Glad to hear that you guys had a quiet and enjoyable day, too bad Dustin has to go traveling again so soon! He'll be ready to be the stay at home parent soon! Ha! Anyway, can't believe that it's only 4 weeks away and I'll get to see you in person! Love you!

dwconner said...

Hello Amanda, Dustin & Brenna. Glad you all had a good Father's Day. I love those days when you just get to relax. That's pretty much what I did. It was great.