Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, June 25

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Brenna got a surprise package today - she was so excited (I put it on video for the folks that sent the package - I will get it to you soon) and loved all the items. She received several new summer outfits (just in time as the weather is going to warm up over the next several days) and a new doll that she really loves (she played with it all evening and she made the cut to be in her room at nap time - no small feat for her, lol). She wore the outfit today with Ariel on it, but she can't wait until tomorrow when she will either wear the princess or the other ice cream cone outfit - can't wait to see which one she picks (and if she will model it for us all??).

Dustin had another long work day (and Brenna had to go to bed before he got home - although, I may go to bed before he gets home too, lol - it is almost 10 and I need to walk Justice in the morning...) At least part of it was for dinner out with his work group, hope that went well. Brenna and I had a "lazy" day today - German class this morning (which I am really not doing the best at right now - must study harder here, although who knows how many more classes I will actually be able to have), then we walked to the stores, played some in her room, played with her new doll (she has got to wear all of her outfits now and all of her shoes - can't wait to see how long before the dog ends up eating one of those...), walked the dog, and walked back to the store (for supper ingredients). Brenna asked for waffles for supper, so we bought the packaged ones here (they are very sugared, but she loves them) and I added some whipped cream on top (I think this is the first time she remembers having the stuff (and the real stuff too - no cool whip here) and she loved it). I tried to eat healthy and had a weight watchers soup but broke down and shared one waffle with Brenna (o.k. - I was trying to make up for my ice cream snack today - I got a little carried away there, but we did walk Justice twice today). I made my favorite cold oatmeal cereal from my childhood today - our small taste tests (for Brenna and I) seemed to be good - hope it tastes good tomorrow (we exchanged some of the ingredients for what is easy to find over here).

Brenna has been doing great on the potty, but doesn't want to wear her underware after having a couple small accidents in them. Hopefully, we can convince her to change over soon - I can't imagine on these hot days that a pull-up is better than cotton underware. Well, I think that about covers our day (other than the really boring lazy parts in between - I was such a bad mom today...).
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Perhaps you could bribe her with a heavily frosted mug cake to wear her underwear! Or maybe, she wants neater princess or fairy ones! Who knows, I'm glad to hear that she is doing so well on the potty, who knows why they prefer the pull up to cotton unders, she'll get there! How awesome that she got a surprise package. I'm sure she was super excited! Hope to talk to you soon!