Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Das Schneckenhaus

It is a gloomy day weather wise here today, but a great day to hunt Schnecken (otherwise known as snails). I knew that this would help get Brenna on her way to school today - she loves seeing snails and seeing how many she can find (plus I knew that she would walk to school :-) Unfortunetly, what I forgot was that snails are seen as a pest here in our area. We were happily counting snails and doing our search when someone asked what we were looking at. I happily said Schnecken and pointed to the little guy. Unfortunetly for our snail friend, the person scraped him off his stone wall and squashed him right in front of us :-( Kind of put a damper on our snail hunt this morning, lol!!!
We also had one of Brenna's class mates pass us on our way. The boy was very excited that they were going faster than we were (and I even understood that was what he was saying). Brenna put on a good race, but with her rain boots, we were no match this morning, lol!
Hope you enjoy pictures of Brenna's "pet" snail above - isn't he the cutest??? I think she named him Slimey or Slimer (bad mommy, I don't remember - we went through about 4 names for this guy)! I gave him quite the photo shoot this morning after I got home so I could put up our walking story before I forgot about it!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

LOL! Too cute. I am so sorry to hear about the snail squishing right in front of you two. I'm sure that they are destroying lots of people's gardens, but they do have a certain cuteness factor. I love the picture of Slimey or Slimer (whatever the case may be) looking at itself in the mirror. I'm sure Brenna will enjoy those as well. How far counting did you get before the squishing occured?

Hope the sun comes out for you soon!

DA&B said...

I think we were about to 10 snails (but that was still early on - only about the half way point - and there are lots after the half way point). Brenna said today that the snails name is Slimer :-)