Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, October 16

Don't you love Brenna's socks and shoes - she had t0 put these on, so I told her I "had to" take her picture (with the sign) - it worked out as I was in the process of putting this post up!

Brenna was singing Happy Birthday for you Gammy, lol!
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there :-) I had an interesting day here - gave Justice a bath by myself this morning while Brenna was at Kindergarten - what a doggy hair mess that was! My apartment is just finally recovering from the smell of wet dog - yuck! We were very lucky that we only had a few sprinkles this morning on our walking for Kindergarten and it cleared up for the dog walk too - yeah - lucky day!! I made Hamburger gravy for the first time (ever) today - it turned out pretty good - thanks again to for a wonderful new recipe :-)

Brenna and I got the paints out today to make a Happy birthday sign for my mom today - Happy birthday mom - hope you have a great day! We love you and are thinking of you often over here!

I made a crochet hat for Brenna yesterday evening - hope you enjoy our pictures from this morning :-)

Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

She's been so cheesy lately! I love it! I really like her sense of style. Just think, one day, bright fuzzy blue striped socks over the pants legs with oversized running shoes, will be back in! Were they ever in? LOL! Too funny! Not missing wet dog smell, yuck, somehow you always get the not so fun jobs to do. The birthday sign for Gammy is beautiful! How did Brenna's handwriting get so good already! Talk to you tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the beautiful card, I love it! Justice looks so "pretty" all clean and fluffed, too. Brenna's hat looks good and warm, and she is growing so fast! Love You, Mom and Gammy

DA&B said...

hah - that picture was before his bath, lol - guess he wasn't looking to bad (just smelling)!! We've been working on her handwriting - imagine what an itouch could do for you, lol!!!

The Bean's said...

I love the hats! They do look very warm and cute! But I have to say.. those socks and shoes take the cake!