Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, October 17

Brenna wasn't feeling too cheesy this morning, lol!
Hello All!!!

Hope you are having a great day! During laundry (and the rain) this morning, I decided to make Brenna more of a winter hat (esp. with all the cold weather here this last week - her hat from last year is falling apart :-(
Hope you enjoy my new projects (there are two hats here as I was trying to make the second one for a gift for a German friend) - it fits Brenna perfectly around the head, so looks like I am going to see if I have enough fleece for a 3rd one (can you believe that I have cleaned out my fleece stash here with just these two small hats!! The "bear" one doesn't cover her ears, but should be good for the fall and the other one is plenty big for the winter (too bad the bear was the only one that would model the cat for me!)
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

No cheese for Aunt Nay? Oh well, the hats are too too cute! They must be comfy, I lovvve fleece! They also look very stylish for little girls!!

Looks like Mama's onto another project huh? Just think of how much fabric you can buy when you are finally moved back into the States again! LOL!

mikaysmom said...

I forgot to thank the bear for modeling the kitty face hat! Thank you cute little bear!