Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday, October 23

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there!!! Things have been going well here. Brenna had a long day at Kindergarten yesterday - they had their lunch day (why is it so sad to eat by yourself??? my mornings stay busy when Brenna is gone, but lunch by myself is so sad, lol). Not exactly sure what they had to eat - Brenna said they had pancakes, soup, and potato salad? Sounds like an interesting combination to me, lol!!

The weather here today is foggy - guess our "fans" aren't working to blow the stuff away (in case you are now confused by this statement - watch the cartoon Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, lol). I think I will take Brenna's new umbrella with me to pick her up today - it has been drizzling some. Dustin is back from his trip to Turkey (did I remember to mention that trip, not sure, he is traveling a lot right now - this week was an overnight stay in Turkey, next week is England, the week after that is Cologne (here in Germany), and after that is England again - then I think we are about to Brenna and I flying back to the US, lol)!

One of the blogs I follow posted a great kids singer - Justin Roberts - - here is a link to one of his new songs - Pop Fly. This really reminds me of all the stories I have heard from Traci N. about her kids playing t-ball! Anyway, if you have time, check him out. (some other good ones - Airplane food and Stay at Home Dad He also does some really catchy Christian songs too (although he only sells those as a whole CD - bummer!) Dustin thinks I am nuts for liking him, but Brenna and I really enjoyed the songs!

Well, I better take Justice out real quick before picking up Brenna! Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

No, eating by yourself isn't sad, but different than what you are used to. You have to realize that having a little girl such as Brenna at the table makes everything more lively! It also gives you the time to take more "create" time yourself. ...speaking of which I need to get a few details together for Halloween now. love to all