Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, October 14

Brenna enjoying her yummy Krispy Kreme :-) I took some pictures of our wonderful food (I really tried to get a picture of the sandwich I ate at the airport - I'm pretty sure I ate clover, lol!!). First up is the wonderful Sausage roll. This is in the pastry from Cornwall - yum, yum, yum!!

Sorry for the half-eaten food pictures, lol!!! I didn't think about how fun these cookies were until Brenna had already started on it!
Brenna enjoying her blue ice cream :-)

Not sure what they were looking at, but at least they both had smiles on there faces :-)

Here are our pictures from the zoo. The London Zoo was a great day out for a 3 year old (and the aquarium and bug exhibit were cool for the parents too, lol!!)

The birds above were just as close to us as they look, lol!!! I couldn't tell you what they were called exactly though!
I thought these signs in the kids adventure part of the zoo were too cute - I am sure that I loved them more than the other two adventures in the family, lol!!
The Prairie dogs were all about having there pictures taken - I have about a dozen I think of them, lol!

For the small monkey exhibit, you actually go into their habitat. This monkey was right in front of me on one of the signs (there is nothing that separates you from these monkeys).

The locust exhibit in the Bug building

The main thing that Brenna wanted to see was the penguins, lol!! They were all well lined up for photographers, lol!

Of course, we had to find a carousel for Brenna in London (and it wasn't hard at the zoo - we couldn't really avoid them to get to the penguins, lol)
Hello All!!!
Hope everyone made it through my "book" from yesterday, lol!! So today, I am putting up the last of our London pictures for the blog (although there are a ton more - once again I think we have over a thousand pictures - gotta love the digital age :-)
Brenna loved the London Zoo - it was a great way to spend the day as a family :-) I was surprised by some of the exhibits how close you could get to the animals (or in the case of the birds and monkeys how you went into their "cages" basically). We all really loved the coral at the aquarium - I think it was the prettiest I have seen. Also, the bug exhibit building was really cool and well designed for younger kids. There were several school groups there at the same time, so we kept trying to stay ahead of them (it is amazing how loud they were). Brenna said her favorite animal of the day was the penguins :-) (I was amazed how much she wanted to see the Pelicans, as she associates them with "eating" her cup at the Karlsruhe zoo). We managed to get through about 2/3rds of the zoo in the time we had so that was pretty good for all of us :-)
I am trying to think what else was fun/memorable in London...I think it is amazing that they monitor their subway system so closely for people trying to bypass getting a ticket. At every station, you have to scan your ticket both getting in and leaving and they have people who are stationed there to make sure that you do pay correctly. I found the food the best right close to our hotel - it was inexpensive and very tasty - we ate at two of the same restraunts about 5 times all together. The breakfast at our hotel wasn't the most impressive, but the doughnuts and muffins close by made up for it (wish they had those at the hotel instead of the food they did have!). Brenna did really well on the flights :-) She only had a major temper tantrum at the restraunt with Dustin's friend from Ford (how typical for a 3 year old to act up at a nice restraunt at dinner...) Brenna was very worried about Jutice in the time we were gone - she loves him - it will be great when they both can go run and play in the back yard together.
I had German class today and Brenna went back to Kindergarten. She wasn't too happy about getting back to our schedule, so hopefully, tomorrow will be a little easier. Not too much else happened today, Dustin worked late so it seems like a very short evening here today! The weather has turned much colder - I think fall is here to stay now!
Well, I think that is it! Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Great pics at the cool that you have all these memories of new and interesting (from Gammy)

mikaysmom said...

Animals and food! How can you go wrong there! Enjoyed the pictures, the penguins make me think of Happy Feet and the Penguins of Madagascar! It's neat to think that you were so close to the monkeys and the birds. I hope the pelican didn't swallow her cup, but still it's always interesting to see what kids this age remember! Hope to talk to you soon!