Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friday, October 9

I don't think Dustin is ready to see these pictures yet, lol!!! btw - we now have glitter everywhere in the apartment from this dress, lol!!! Brenna has found that it is a great dress to twirl in already - she loves it! Can't wait to see if she will dress up in it on the actual halloween now (but at least I already have pictures of her in it). I almost waited to post the pictures until Halloween, but thought I might forget, lol!

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Not much to post today as we are getting busy getting ready for our trip to London today :-) Brenna was very excited (let's say that again - Brenna was very excited) to get a package yesterday (yea - it came early before our trip!!!). Hope you enjoy our pictures from the package - I recorded the whole opening of the package and also got video of Brenna loving her dress :-) (although she was kind of hoping there was going to be a bike in it - don't ask me where that fixation has came from, lol).
We didn't get any rain during the day yesterday at all :-) I couldn't believe that I dressed Brenna in her rain coat each time, and no rain, lol!!! We even had our new umbrella to go, but no rain, lol!!
Well, enjoy the pictures - we gotta go! Talk to you soon!!