Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, October 27

Hello all!!

Brenna and I worked on drawing faces today - this was all her own drawing - she may become quiet the artist, lol!! Anyway, not sure if it expresses how she is feeling, but I would say it is pretty accurate. She is coughing more today, but no fever again. Brenna gets very upset with the coughing and it does wake her up during the night and at nap time - no fun there. She has her moments where she doesn't act like she is feeling bad, but those were less today than the day before. Hopefully, she can get a good night sleep tonight and no more coughing up junk in the bed (I have had to wash the sheets two days in a row - no fun there). We made a new flannel pillow case today before nap time since her's was still drying - she was pretty excited to have a new one finished :-) (she was very attached to the pink pillow case I made her earlier and would throw fits when it wasn't on her bed - maybe now we can have two to switch between). The new pillow case has purses all over it - very cute for a little girl (sorry no pics today (and all they probably would show is the fabric anyway - not much art in a pillow case, lol)).

Well, gotta go!
Take Care!