Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, October 18

Hello all!

Hope all is going well!!! I've been going project crazy here lately (I think my family is starting to feel somewhat neglected this weekend!). Hope you enjoy the latest pictures. The yellow pair of slippers are Brenna's and the other one is mine (I only got one done and now my hand hurts, lol - (although my head hurts more - I had to think way too much to do this slipper).). As my mom warned me, yarn slippers are slippery - Brenna has already fallen with hers on - bummer! Anyway - I think Brenna's slippers turned out really cute!! (I also made some really "ugly" blueberry muffins today - they looked somewhat green - I tried to put in plenty of blue food coloring to make the color more blue, but they still had a green tinge to them - I will spare you all the pictures (although they must taste pretty good as they are almost gone!)).

Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Yes, thank you for not showing us green muffins!!!Haha! If you have any fabric paint, try putting some dots on the bottoms of the slippers as little grippers. I've seen some where people paint up like little animal footprints as grippies on the slippers. I don't want the princess to fall any more! Plus, we don't want you to fall either! I have to say that I'm just jealous that you have this energy (and time) to do all of these fun projects! I'm still trying to finish up the Jasmine costume for Halloween, then I can move onto more fun things!

heathmamagam said...

Wow! I think those are the cutest yarn slippers ever! Please try to make them non-skid in some way. can't afford you both to have an accident. Love and Hugs. . .