Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, October 6

My newest bags that I completed :-) Aren't they all cute all lined up together!

The bag for Mikayla above - the fabric matches the one that I plan to use for the bag for Renee.

The eggers... I love these guys - I'm going to have to have an apron for myself so that I can have them on one!

I thought I would try to model the new apron - it was hard to get a good picture with all the embroideries showing...

My purse and Brenna's new purse. I think the Princess embroidery looks great with the fabric :-)

Brenna enjoying her treats from our friend Joy - not sure what the eyes being closed is all about, but this was the best picture that I got!

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there!!! I had a busy project day yesterday and today (and I refused to post until I had some pictures to share - sorry, lol!!). I have been meaning to make an apron (I really need to make two, but finally finished the first one) for my German teacher's daughter (she has two daughters, but one just had a birthday - so I did that one first). This apron was cut out approximately 3 years ago (you read that right - that is how far my projects were that I started in the US, lol), and my mom did the Eggs for the pockets and made the straps, so it only took about 2 hours to complete! I also worked on making a new purse for Brenna. She was excited for about 5 minutes with it and now, she doesn't really care again - guess that is a 3 year old for you! I also cut out one for my niece Mikayla (I used the same fabric that I plan to make a bag for Renee out of - hopefully, that will get done by Christmas!) - hope you enjoy the pics Renee (don't show Mikayla yet though, lol).

We are all loving Brenna's honesty right now. As I stated on Sunday, I put on tons of icy hot before bed (although Brenna had already went back to bed/reading with Dustin) - she came back out for a last potty trip and gave me a hug, followed by a "you stink mommy" - gotta love that! Dustin said she told him recently that he doesn't have much hair - poor guy!
Brenna was able to take a toy for Kindergarten today (they are only allowed to bring toys from home on those special days) - she picked her gray cat that Dustin's mom bought for her. Can't wait to see who she picks next - the cat was a good size for caring back and forth - so it was a good 1st pick :-) It is hard to believe that we have completed a month of Kindergarten now - the walk is getting me into shape - so that is a good thing, lol!

It rained for the last two days for Justice's afternoon walk. Brenna looks great all geared up in her rain clothes! She worked on splashing in the puddles today, but didn't like it too much when the water splashed up over the top of her boots! At least we were lucky that it didn't rain on our walks to and from kindergarten :-) (although I'm sure we will have rainy days to make the journey to and from school). We did find a few snails on our walk today to and from kindergarten, so that was fun for Brenna - she loves the little guys!
Well, I need to study my German tonight (guess I should have been pulled out the books sometime over the last week to study - why do I always procrastinate on everything). Dustin is in England tonight (and then we all go on Friday!) - so it will be an interesting evening here!
Well, I think that about covers everything!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Staying busy sounds like an understatement. When are you opening your Etsy shop??!!LOL! Love all the bags and the apron is super cute. I love denim on everything! I hope the receiver likes it too! So where are the instructions I asked for???Hmmm, I guess I'll have to see what I can do on my own!!!haha! Sounds like you are super busy and enjoying some special mom and brenna time. I would love to hear what gray kitty has to say about kindergarten!

heathmamagam said...

Your bags are looking terrific! Great job on the apron, I'm sure the gal wil absolutely love it! and have the best weather this weekend on your holiday! Love and Hugs.

mikaysmom said...

A, you need to check out lazydaisyglass.blogspot.com and check her jewelry out. Very cute. Also, there is a link on her blog to another jewelry maker that is giving away a pair of beautiful earrings. Since I don't have a blog, thought you might want to post a link and get entered into the drawing! Love you!