Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 28

Hello All!!!

Well, looks like I will be coming down with Brenna's cold - bummer... I have started losing my voice this afternoon and have a sore throat. Although, on the bright side, I think she is getting somewhat better (no fever today - she had one late in the day yesterday).

Brenna and I did arts and crafts this morning - it was a good suggestion from my sister and I had just seen an idea I wanted to try from my friend Heather's blog (although I will put the link for the original blog that she did here - We spent quite a bit of time doing this stuff this morning (although Brenna got sick of it before I was ready to quit, lol). I think this is a fun idea - only wish I had some paper punches in some of these shapes (this was my free hand drawing of a leaf and then traced onto paper and cut out - ouch - my fingers hurt after all the cutting!). Brenna had alot more paper pieces cut out, but they didn't make it to this afternoon with my clean-up of the table (although I think Brenna threw quiet a few of them out too, lol).
Brenna seems to be feeling better after taking a good nap today - hopefully, we will have a good night sleep tonight and all feel better in the morning. Dustin returns late tonight from England - so glad that he will be home to take Justice out in the morning.
Well, I think that is it for today!
Take Care!


The Bean's said...

Glad to hear Brenna is feeling better... but I am hope you don't get to sick!

mikaysmom said...

Hoping you don't get too much of what she had, bummer. Well, make sure to get your rest, drink lots of fluid and I guess mom will have to talk your ear while you listen instead of the two of you talking! I had a great time talking to you yesterday. It's probably my fault that you are losing the voice. You should have rested some while Brenna napped. Glad that she is starting to feel better. I hope you have some good weather the next few days! Sometimes, just getting out in nice weather can help you feel better! So love, love the shape ideas and glad you are having fun with it! Too cute!