Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday, October 4

My new bag (and my own design too!!!)! I put an extra strap on the outside for my ipod shuffle (although I probably could put my keys there too if I needed to!). Below is the inside of the bag. I only had enough of my fat quarter to do the outside and strap - so the inside was just a complimentary color.

Picture with my ipod attached to its holder :-) I really love this fabric - too bad I only had a fat quarter of it, lol!!
I wanted to take a couple pics to show where the bag falls on my body - I think I did a pretty good job for just winging it on this one, lol!!!
Brenna wanted to be part of the photo action today (and Justice too, lol - can you see the fur???). Dustin was trying to follow my directions on what I wanted - but he didn't quite have my vision of what I wanted here, lol!

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are going well here today. I took Justice for a long walk this morning (I took the wrong road and had to turn around after 45 minutes of walking instead of doing the large circle I had planned - bummer!!). I do believe he enjoyed it though - he followed me around when we were taking the pictures of the bag above because he really thought I was going to take him out again (I don't think he has given up hope yet - he is still sitting by me, lol).
I wasn't sure what our afternoon plans were, so once I got home, I started some laundry and cut some fabric up so that I could make myself a new purse (I actually cut out the fabric for the bag for my sister because I thought I might make one that was matching, but when I showed Dustin the color possibilities for my new bag - he picked the same fabric that I did for the bag so I figured I better go with that fabric instead!). I didn't have much fabric (and no pattern other than a similar size bag here that I wear), so it was an interesting challenge, but I think my end bag is pretty impressive (and pretty - I love the fabric!). It will be interesting to see how well it holds up - I switched my daily stuff into it - I even made a strap on the outside for my ipod shuffle :-) I listen to my shuffle daily on my solo walks from and to kindergarten (what a great present Dustin bought for me there :-).
Well, I think that is it for today - I need to get my yoga in tonight and put icy hot on my sore muscles before bed tonight, lol!!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

A very special project...I'm glad you made something special for yourself. A pretty bag for a pretty girl. Great job!

mikaysmom said...

Way to Go! I'm so jealous that you are doing all these things that I want to do! I am waiting for some free time so that I can make one for me. I have some cute fat quarters that would look great as a bag! We'll have to start comparing what songs you have on your ipod to mine, yay, I finally spent some time on itunes and got some music loaded to my nano! Miss you!