Monday, October 6, 2008

Driving around

Well, we missed Brenna's gym class this afternoon because she napped later (this class may be hard for us to go to with Brenna's sleep schedule) so we decided to drive to Bühl and go to the store there. Now the interesting thing here is that I went to Bühl nearly every day with Dustin when we were here on our visit trip, but only twice in the month that we have lived here. Brenna and I need to meet the German teacher in town tomorrow morning, so I wanted to get more comfortable with where I was driving and where we should park. I missed my turn the first time around (well, lets just say I didn't know where I was supposed to turn) and circled all around town. I think I have it down now, Brenna and I will just have to find the store in the morning. Hopefully, we will get there early, the weather will be nice, and we can walk around town some there tomorrow.

Too bad that Justice is such a handful or he could go along - they love dogs over here.

I haven't been able to get Brenna to pose for me lately, but here is a recent picture (o.k. - it is a month old, but I loved how cute she looked in this dress - how did the time fly by so quickly) :-)
Take care!