Friday, October 10, 2008

Saturday, October 11th

I can't believe it is the 11th of October already :-) (I started this post yesterday, but was booted to put Brenna to bed :-)

The trees are really starting to change. I'm going to try to capture some pictures of it (and you guessed it, probably Brenna) tomorrow. We had music class yesterday - I think Brenna is really going to enjoy it. She was a little wired for class yesterday - not sure if I got her to hyped up or what. They let you dance around in the class and it was pretty small - all good things for her and me.

We drove up and finished our shopping at IKEA today (at least we hope we finished :-)
The store that is on the A5 (in Mannheim) was really nice (nicer than the one in France - cleaner and many more options). Although - we were impressed by the one in France too :-) We couldn't resist getting a table and chair set for Brenna. She loved the one that Patti loaned us in the states, that we just had to get her one here. I will have to get a picture of (hopefully) her using it - it is really cute. She seemed to really like the chairs at the store - hopefully, she will like it as well here.

After IKEA, we went to Heidelberg. The Altstadt (Old City) part is our favorite destination part so far. They have a really cool walking area there with tons of shopping. It is very tourist oriented - but we think it is neat. I resisted the Hagen Daas today, but I'm sure we will be having some soon :-) Here are two pics from today. Brenna wasn't so sure about the performers, but they looked pretty neat. The other was from the end of our time in Heidelberg - Brenna was pretty tired.

Take Care!