Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday, Oct 8

Our neighbors and landlord have been soooo friendly. Everyone we have met here has been super nice. I got a chance (thanks to the nice neighbor) to try fresh fig today - interesting flavor. I never actually had one before, so I did have to look up on-line how you have to eat them (turns out you can pretty much eat them right from the vine). Brenna turned her nose up at it, but she did try a bite. The nice neighbor woman also gave us a bag of the nuts that grow around here. I'm going to have to find on-line what they are called. They don't really have very much flavor. Brenna really enjoyed stuffing them in her pockets.
The dog actually got to go along for a walk this morning - we took the jogging stroller out and he did really well with it. We didn't have kinder group this morning, so we just stayed around the house.
I keep wanting to post that I am sooo glad that my parents sold me their truck while I was in college. Thank goodness that I don't have to learn to drive a manual transmission here :-) At least Akron prepared me a little bit for driving a manual with hills too - nothing compared to the ones here, but something is better than nothing.
Well - gotta go finish my German homework :-)