Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, October 16

To finish off our afternoon today, Brenna and I decided to try another new recipe (hey - we really don't bake everyday and with the weather today - we were going a little stir crazy being stuck inside :-) It is really nice that we can get out most days and go walking - not sure how the winter will be with the rain, but we will adjust :-) She wasn't feeling too much like singing today, but hopefully, we will get a birthday song to my mom shortly :-) (or at least a birthday wish from Brenna)

Anyway, we turned on Billy Joel and made a peanut butter cake with a peanut butter streusel topping - it got a big two thumbs up from Dustin and Brenna. The taste reminded me of peanut butter cookies (which growing up were always my favorite). I remember mom making cookies for my birthday in kindergarten - how crazy is that :-) The cookies are a fond memory - kindergarten (and my birthday, which the teacher forgot) not so much ;-) Brenna really enjoyed "helping" with the mixing (or was it tasting... you be the judge!!) She had to have her apron on - she really loves it!! She was disappointed that I didn't want to wear mine too today :-)
I definetly feel in carb and sugar overload today. I'm sure I will get back on track tomorrow - I had a pretty good week for food up until today.