Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, October 13th

Wow - I can't believe that Dustin and I celebrated 6 years of marriage yesterday. How the time has flown by. We didn't do a whole lot - I took the dog and then Brenna for walks in the morning. We tried out some new bread from the bakery - our favorite so far is the Pretzel sticks. After Brenna's nap, we went to Baden-Baden and walked around. We got a chance to walk around the grounds of the Casino - very impressive. Brenna had a lot of fun and got out some of her energy which is always a good thing. Dustin tried the Spaghettieis - this is just vanilla ice cream that has been made into noodles with strawberry sauce and white chocolate.

Today, we had German class. Brenna got a chance to show off her new table and chair set to the German teacher. Brenna and I also ate our lunch together on her table. We walked around Bühl before dinner - I think I'm starting to get somewhat familiar with how to get around there.
Dustin travels to England tomorrow and back on Wednesday, but at least it is a night flight so he will be home for dinner tomorrow night, just not on Wednesday.
Take care!