Saturday, October 4, 2008

Went to France

Yesterday we all went to France - it is amazing how close everything is :-) It was neat to see the Rhine river as we crossed over it - can't wait to see more. It was sure tempting to just keep going when we saw all the signs to Paris :-) We decided to go to the IKEA there since it was a holiday in Germany and everything was closed. The stuff at the IKEA stores has Dustin drooling - it is all his kind of style :-)
Anyway, we bought a new desk that we could fit the computer and my sewing machine on. The dog crate is able to fit underneath so that is pretty nice too. Also bought more storage units - they are nice and should fit quite a bit of stuff - I can't wait to have everything finally put away in its spot. It is amazing how much stuff you can fit in one of these tiny apartments :-)
Brenna did fairly well for having a short nap yesterday, but I think all may be coming down with a cold. We all have a bit of a scratchy throat :-(
Well, we have some errands to run this morning - catch you all later :-)


woazie said...

I really enjoy seeing and hearing about all your adventures. We really miss Brenna. Give her a hug and kiss from all of us...