Thursday, October 9, 2008

Video posting

I'm going to try to put a video post up today - I loaded it on youtube - not sure how much we will do this, but thought we would give it a shot. This was made on our webcam. Brenna really enjoys playing with them - only thing is she wants to type on the keyboard.

We took a nice walk today - about 30 minutes - this worked really well in tiring Brenna out before her nap. Unfortunetly, Justice didn't get to go as I wanted to wear Brenna out. Brenna and I have her first music class tomorrow - I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully, this will be something we both will enjoy and will help with my language - that is coming along painfully slow....

Almost everything is put away now - just a few more items to go - we love IKEA over here :-)

Take care!


mikaysmom said...

The vidoes are so cute! You guys look so happy! Let's hope the music class adds a few more cute songs to your repetoire(sp)! Sounds like the german class isn't going quite as well as you had hoped. Keep your chin up!

Love ya!