Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday, October 30

Hello All!!
Hope you all are having a great day. Things have been pretty slow around here today - we made it out to the store but not anywhere else. I thought about buying Brenna some candy for Halloween tomorrow (it will probably be the Christmas candy over here :-), but I wasn't sure that I wouldn't eat it :-) Our friends told us that the Snickers bars taste even better over here - I'm going to have to try those now - maybe a good excuse is Halloween ;-)
We did get a frige passed down to us from some friends over here :-) (the same ones that told us that the Snickers are better). It is twice the size of the current fridge - maybe the milk containers will actually be able to stand up in the fridge now :-) Brenna thinks it is her new toy kitchen - should be interesting to see how we all adapt :-)
The weather today was still pretty wet - not as much rain, just moisture in the air. I think I have pretty much given up on having straightened hair over here for now... I think I will just need to learn to like curl or frizz - lol ;-)
I'm looking forward to "playing dress-up" with Brenna tomorrow - we will see how well she enjoys it and if she will let me take her picture at all :-) We have music class tomorrow, so hopefully that will be fun for both of us...
Here is one picture from today with Brenna on our shoe rack - and one from Paris - I love the look on Brenna's face in the one from Paris.
Take care and have a happy Halloween tomorrow :-)