Monday, October 27, 2008

Lab Techs in Paris

On my last day of my job back in the U.S., my wonderful lab techs gave me some wonderful gifts. The best one I made sure to bring with me - a tote bag with their pictures :-) I made the comment that this bag should be like the traveling knome - and get pictures at all the great places we visit along the way. Kind of like the lab techs get to come with me to all these great places. So, here was our first big trip - the trip to Paris. Here is Brenna, "the lab techs", and me in front of the Eiffel Tower :-) (Brenna was really enjoying helping with the bag :-) and I just love the expression on her face!) Hope everyone enjoys our traveling techs :-)


mikaysmom said...

Hahahaha! So cute! I love her face too! What a fun idea! Perhaps I'm travelling to these fun places too??! Glad to hear you had lots of fun while you were there! Miss you!


DA&B said...

You know that you are always "traveling" with us in our thoughts. I can't believe how many pictures I will have to show you at some point - maybe we will get through them all before the girls go off to college - lol :-)