Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday, October 28

Hello All!!
Hope everyone is having a great day. Things were pretty quite here today - it is still raining, but we did all make it outside once today. Brenna looked pretty cute in her rain boots and new hat. I didn't get a picture of the whole outfit, but I did get one of the rain hats. Sorry the one of us together wasn't better - but it did put a smile on my face :-)
I'm sure there will be better pictures of the "hats" to come. I couldn't believe how much Brenna really liked her hat today - she wore it all the way to the park and back (which is really good for her!!)
We have been working on watching Disney movies in German - these movies seem to be the best for us so far as the vocabulary is fairly simple and they talk a little bit slower. It is nice when you buy the movies (Disney) over here because you can chose to watch in either German or English (or Italian and sometimes Turkish :-) We'll just have to be sure to hook up a region free DVD player at home to be able to play these movies.
I've been having a major chocolate attack lately - I have found that all of the chocolate that I have bought so far is really good - I don't know that I could bring any back as Brenna and I may eat it all on the plane :-) The candy aisles over here are amazing - they seem so much bigger than what was in the U.S. - not so good for my eating habits though :-)
Anyway - I had thought about posting some more pictures from Paris (and I still may later), but thought these silly pictures from today might put some smiles on your faces.
Take Care!!
(Yes - those are Brenna's new mouse ears on Justice - I couldn't resist the opportunity to put them on him :-) we all are getting ready for Halloween :-)


mikaysmom said...

Tooooooo cute!!!! I love the pics today, and yes, they do put a smile on our faces! I really enjoyed the one of Justice wearing Brenna's mouse ears! Now just because you are getting ready for Halloween doesn't mean you get to eat all of the yummy German chocolate! Please save some for me! Hope you guys have a great day!