Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday, November 21

Oh my, another missed day of posting yesterday... No reason - just not much to post (and I still haven't got my camera out - can you believe that!!!). Brenna and I had a playdate yesterday afternoon - the weather was rainy, but we braved it :-) She was still tired from her nap - I'm sure we will try to go another time. She has been taking some long naps lately...
We got home the same time as Dustin, which was lucky because than I could just run Justice out to go to the bathroom in the rain (it is a bit challenging taking them both out every afternoon, especially when the weather stinks). Dustin was nice enough to run me to weight watchers so I could stock up on their snack bars over here - they are all really good (o.k., so they are good in the States too, but it is way easier there to find 100 calorie packs!!!).
Today will be a busy baking day - we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with some American friends :-)
Take care!!