Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday, November 9

Hello All!!

We had a relatively quiet day today as we worked on house work and getting some recipes tested. I made my Grandma's recipe for vanilla pudding today - the pudding tasted good, but I did scorch some on the bottom - I'm sure I will get better on that one... Also, made my mom's yeast rolls - these came out better this time than last :-) I think these are ready to go for Thanksgiving.

We tried to get Brenna out for a walk and playtime, but it started to rain about 10 minutes from the house :-(

Dustin is getting ready for his travels this week and he was surprised with me not needing the car. I have found that for most of what I need, the car doesn't do me any good - it is better to walk to the closer stores. At least I adopted that part of the European lifestyle over here :-)
I also worked on an embroidery while Brenna was napping today - it is pictured above - it was on a really soft blanket and turned out really cute (for some friends with a new baby over here) :-) I think I may have to make this one for Brenna too as she really loved it :-)
Also, thought I would share some of my fall pictures from today. These were taken at the park just a few steps from our apartment.
Well - Take Care!!!


mikaysmom said...

Love your pics! I especially think the one with the rocks looks like fog going over instead of water. I enjoyed your pictures of the castle. How gorgeous! Looks like Brenna had a great time. The embroidery is very cute! Just right for a little girl! Have a great day!