Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday, November 15

Hello All!!!

We decided today to go to the zoo in Stuttgart (instead of more castles). I didn't want to be stuck in the car for too long and I knew that Dustin was probably really tired from all his travels. I'm not sure if he knows where he is at yet :-)
Brenna really loved the zoo (as I think you will see from today's pictures). Lots of the animals were out with the cold weather and with the way the zoo was set up, it wasn't hard to get close to the animals :-)
Again, I think Brenna loved anything with wings the most although she did really enjoy the Aquarium as well... I had to include the picture of this Mallard - he would come right up to you - which is how I got this great shot of him :-) With the traveling, she had a much later bedtime than most nights, but hopefully that won't mean she has trouble sleeping tonight - we will find out...
Anyway, hope you enjoy our pictures from Wilhelma (the zoo and botanical garden in Stuttgart).
Take Care!!