Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, November 7

Hello All!!

Well, we are off to Neuschwanstein Castle tomorrow :-) Dustin and I are both really looking forward to seeing the castle (this is the one that Disney based their Castle on at the parks and I believe Sleeping Beauty castle). We hope to see two castles tomorrow and also the tallest church in the world in Ulm. Hopefully, we can get all that done on our drive tomorrow :-) We are hoping to see quite a few of the castles in Germany before we leave, so this should be a good start :-)
Brenna and I had music class today, although with her temper tantrum - we didn't make it all the way through class. Oh well, there is always next week... We took the dog for a very long walk today - I think it was almost 1 hour and 15 minutes!! I am definetly in better shape now then when we first got here though (although, my legs will probably still be sore tomorrow) :-) If I can just loose the extra pounds, all will be great :-)
Dustin is back from his trip (yeah!!), but he will be gone most of next week :-( He goes to Turkey on Monday thru Wednesday and then to England on Thursday night... At least one of us is able to stay home with Brenna now.
No pictures today, but I'm sure there will be some after tomorrow :-)
Take care!!


mikaysmom said...

Have fun and take lots of pictures!