Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday, November 1

Who can believe that it is the 1st of November already??? I also can't believe that in 5 weeks, Brenna and I will be back in Ohio for a month... It feels like we are just getting into our schedule here - but time will be great at the holidays to be with our families :-)
The weather here was still cloudy, but less rainy (although it did still rain today :-)
I made it out on a pretty decent walk with Justice - I loved his face expression after we got back today - hopefully, you will enjoy it as well :-)
Brenna was pretty much Daddy's girl today :-) She made sure he played with all her toys and took her with him wherever he went... She didn't even want to help me make rolls in the kitchen ;-)
Other than that - just working on getting the apartment in order. Dustin worked on getting the fridge door switched to the other side (the new fridge is awesome - thank you so much Karl and Heather (and everyone else that this fridge went through!!)) Dustin (and I) decided to buy Brenna "some" Halloween candy yesterday - being the sugar addicts that we are - it is going quickly!!! Dustin is thoroughly enjoying all the chocolate and Snickers over here...
Hope everyone has a great 1st day of November :-)
Take Care!!!