Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, November 3

Hello All!
After all rain last week - it was great to see the sun shining today. We had a beautiful blue sky day here today - I think it may be nice all week :-)
Brenna and I took the dog for a walk today - we went up the path to the statue behind our house - a good work out pushing Brenna in her stroller :-) It was really nice to get out of the house, finally :-)
I don't have any new pictures today as I need to clear off the camera card to take more - I filled it up yesterday on our walk, lol! With all our upcoming adventures - we decided to get a GPS unit tonight. I can't wait for our trip this weekend to try it out :-) Hopefully, it will be easier to follow than the Google map directions over here :-) We bought one that we should be able to use for the entire time over here and then also when we are back in the states (although we won't need it in Dustin's deluxe truck ;-)
Anyway, hope everyone is having a great day.
Take Care!!

PS - Where did my faithful commenter go - I'm missing you :-) (No pressure or anything!!)


mikaysmom said...

Sorry, it's been busy here! I meant to comment on all your nice pictures, but fell short on time! Glad that the weather is clearing up over there. We have been having some nice weather days since this weekend, so it's nice to see the sun shining! Look forward to seeing more pics...sounds like the GPS unit will be well worth it! Miss you!