Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday, November 8

Hello All -
The castles were great fun today - very beautiful and we could not have asked for a better behaved Brenna :-) She loved the "Sleeping Beauty" Castle and looked at each room and said "My Room"!! Dustin said that she will have to find someone later in life to support that desire :-)
The weather was great - sometimes kind of cloudy, but other times we had a great blue sky.
We got a later start than we had hoped today so we didn't make it to the church today - I'm sure we will catch it another day. We bought a season (year) pass to visit castles in Bavaria - so that should be some nice day trips for all of us. The GPS system was great - much better than the paper directions I had from Google and even the castle website.
I'm going to have to create a silly book for Brenna at some point of all the great places she sleep in - she slept on the way from the one castle to the other - only about 20 minutes though.
I decided since Disney based their park castle on the castle today to take Brenna's mouse ears - hope you enjoy the sillyness.
Luckily we found some nice guys that helped carry Brenna up the stairs at the second castle today and extended her nap - thank goodness for the kindness of strangers over here :-)
I'm sure I will think of more to tell about tomorrow, but hopefully the pictures can tell some of the story today. Not sure what Dustin and Brenna were looking at in the first picture - but I love the seriousness on their faces (Brenna had just woke up from her nap - so she really wasn't awake yet).
Take Care!