Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday, November 5

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well with everyone. We had a fairly productive day today - had kinder group this morning, worked on laundry, and walked the dog :-) Amazing how that has changed in my world to be a successful day.
Dustin left for England tonight (although he forgot his Blackberry...). It is strange when someone forgets something like that because there is nothing you can do to get it to them...(without a car over here anyways...)
Not really too much else going on today. My sister shared these great pictures she took of the fabric we ordered. The fabric with the flowers on it is the ones I ordered - I think I ordered some very girly fabric :-), but I can't wait to see it :-) Thanks for ordering it for me :-)
Well, I better go!! Lots to do with Dustin not being here this evening.
Take Care!!