Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday, November 2

Well, the weather finally was nice enough to spend some time outside today :-) We took a nice walk with the whole family to the top of the "hill" - Brenna walked all the way down the hill today :-) Quite a walk for a little person :-)
The Snickers are all gone already - how can two people eat them so quickly :-) All the good Christmas food is coming out here - it is going to be a big challenge to eat healthy until Christmas :-)
We are looking to go to some of the Castles in Germany this month. Dustin has a busy month at work traveling to England and Turkey - so driving trips will be the thing this month.
Hope you enjoy our pics from today. The fall colors are still pretty at the park and walk close by. We haven't had a clear day from the look-out point yet, but I still think it is pretty :-)
Hope everyone has a great day!
Take Care!!