Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, November 18

Hello All!!

Sorry there wasn't a post yesterday - I wasn't feeling well!! Luckily, Brenna was a trooper and really helped me out by taking a long nap with mommy yesterday afternoon!!
I am pretty much back to myself today (note to self - don't eat so much junk next weekend - I'm pretty sure that is what did me in ;-). Brenna and I are dancing around the apartment again and for our commenter yesterday - we made some very chocolate pudding on the stove today (boy do I miss the easy instant pudding mixes!!). Anyway, I do think it is good for us to learn how to make these recipes from scratch and they are a good time killer with a two year old at home. Although she was quite disappointed that her apron was in the laundry today...
We also decided to buy Wall-E on itunes so that we could watch it over here (it doesn't come out over here until January) and bought some "dancing songs" while we were on as well (Brenna loves Wooly Bully and The Chapel of Love :-)
Hope everyone is doing well and I will see about getting the camera out later today :-)
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

You will love Wall-E! We just watched it last night, very cute. I am glad to hear that Brenna loves to dance and sing so much. Sounds like you might need to have more than one apron around these days!!!

Miss you lots!