Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday, November 6

Hello All!!!
We had a very busy day today (o.k. - it is probably not really very busy compared to some other schedules, but for us - we accomplished alot today :-) Dustin is out of town until later tonight, so we all had to walk the dog today, have our German class, and we did some craft projects and drawing :-) We took the dog for a walk after lunch today for about an hour. He has been pretty lazy the rest of the day... Brenna fell asleep for about 15 minutes on the walk - guess it was from getting up several times last night and me waking her early for German class.
Brenna really likes having her hand traced, so we did "Turkey Hands" today. Hopefully, I scan in her "artwork" to share. We even had fun tracing her feet as well :-)
Of course, after playing with the washable markers, we had to have a bath this evening - she loves playing in the water, but not so much having her hair washed most days. I think she was just overly tired today.
I made another new recipe today - Candied Carrots (only 2 weight watcher points per serving :-). I'm probably going to be trying some more healthy things as I signed up for Weight Watchers on-line yesterday. I just can't seem to take this extra weight off and it is starting to be a struggle to fit into my jeans... So, I figured, why not start back on track now - at least we don't really have Thanksgiving over here - although we will celebrate with friends :-) I will probably need to think of several healthy recipes to take now... To bad I love making desserts so much - I just need to pace myself better...
Well - hope you enjoy Brenna's hand pictures and her hat :-)
Take care!!


mikaysmom said...

Candied carrots, interesting. Please send the recipe and I'll see if I like them. 2 WW points doesn't sound like too much! Brenna looked like she got way into coloring with the markers. Sounds like you guys had a really fun day!