Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, November 13

Hello All!!

Well - we didn't get everything done on our list today, but we did get a lot done :-) Brenna and I had German class this morning and then we went to the sale at the Haus de Gastes. The sale was only for toys/books/CDs/DVDs - but we still picked up some good stuff. I got a new CD that I know that Brenna will enjoy dancing to (in German) and small cooking (metal pots) pots/pans for Brenna (boy, are they loud!!). We had a quiet afternoon and Dustin actually was able to get off work early to join us for the lantern walk (wow, was it cold outside - my hands were numb when we got home!!). It was cute to see the lanterns all lit-up, but of course, I forgot my camera today... Oh, well - Brenna wasn't really in a smiling mood for the walk anyway - just kind of straight faced...
We didn't make it to the grocery store or to the weight watcher meeting (to pick up some snacks) - I guess I will just have to see what I can make here with what is available :-)
Dustin is off to England tonight :-( At least he comes home tomorrow and we will be able to spend the weekend together. Not sure yet what we are going to do. We talked about seeing more castles (which I think would be fun), but I haven't checked the weather forcast yet to see if it will pleasant for that.
Anyway - I'm going to try to turn in early tonight. Sorry - no new pictures today - I'm sure we will have some after the weekend (if not tomorrow :-)
Take Care!!