Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday, November 30

Hello All!
Dustin, Brenna, and I got our first taste of the Christmas markets this weekend :-) We drove to Nuremberg on Saturday and enjoyed fighting the crowds to see one of the most popular Christkindlesmarkts. It was amazing to even find a parking spot in town, let alone walk along the booths and see everything. It was extremely cold - we all came home numb :-) Brenna enjoyed seeing the horses they had there for the carriage ride, but unfortunetly, we didn't get to ride. We bought some of the Nuremberg Lebkuchen (not sure it is really our thing though...) - but worth trying once :-) The Lebkuchen have kind of a gingerbread flavor in them.
We drove to Heidelberg today to the market there - it was crowded, but not nearly as crowded as Nuremberg which was nicer to see the booths. We enjoyed the food and the Gl├╝hwein (hot wine) immensely today :-) Brenna loved that there were a couple carosels at the one in Heidelberg today - so we let her ride several times :-) She also got to pet the donkey today at the live nativity and feed it a carrot :-) Although - we couldn't convince her to get close to Santa Claus yet...
Only a few more days until Brenna and I travel back across the ocean for Christmas. We hope to get to one more Christmas Market :-)
Hope all is well and enjoy the pictures (finally!) from the last couple days :-)
Take Care


mikaysmom said...

Looks very cold, but I love the sunglasses look! too cool! Glad to see everyone's smiling faces! I can't wait to see you guys next week! Sorry Dustin, I'm sure you would love to come back with the girls! Thanksgiving just wasn't the same without you all!

Miss you!

Tracy S said...

LOVE the sunglasses - what a cutie!!