Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, November 12

Hello All!!

Yea! - Dustin is back in Germany (although not home yet at this writing) :-) I'm sure Brenna will be very glad to see him tomorrow (and I will be glad to see him today). Brenna and I had kinder group this morning and finished our lantern - the kids get to march with them tomorrow evening - I hope Brenna will want to carry it :-) I will try to get a picture with her tomorrow with it, but no promises there :-) It started to rain on the way back, so luckily the lantern did fit under her stroller :-)
Tomorrow promises to be a busy day with German class and the walk in the evening. I also found out that the Kindergarten here (similar to a U.S. preschool) will be having a sale tomorrow close by with clothes and toys :-) I have been waiting for this to try to get some more clothes for Brenna even if they are just for playing in the dirt :-) Hopefully, I can find her some skirts and tights as that is all she wants to wear right now.
Not too much else went on today... I haven't decided if Brenna and I will decorate the dog bone cookies - I'm thinking not, they are good the way they are and not messy to let Brenna have them. The dog sure thinks they look tasty when Brenna gets one :-)
Anyway, I need to get my German homework done for tomorrow...
Take care and enjoy Brenna's fashion sense today and her lantern for tomorrow :-)


mikaysmom said...

What an adorable little lantern. I love the fact that it is a tiger (cat???)! Brenna is starting to take after cousin Mikayla in her fashion sense, no wonder they get along so well. By the way, Mikayla has that same cardigan! Looks and sounds like you guys are doing really well.

Miss you!