Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, November 10

Hello All!!!

Not too much to report on our day today... We cleaned the apartment this morning - Brenna likes playing with the duster, but does get bored after awhile (heck - I can't blame her - who likes to clean...). We walked to the local grocery store for lunch food and I bought Brenna ice cream since Dustin isn't here to eat it - she was very excited for her special treat and gobbled it right up :-) We had German class today - I really need to practice and study more, but it is hard with Dustin traveling and other things to do around here...

We only took Justice for a short walk today as it was really windy (but fairly warm) - but a least it was some walk... Maybe someday - he will be a dog caring this big of a stick - we thought it was so funny to see this dog at the Castle this weekend :-) (The dog is not Justice - but kind of looks like him :-)

Also, thought we would share the horses that we saw (and Brenna loved) on our trip to the castles as well :-)
Take Care!!


mikaysmom said...

You know, I thought it was Justice for a second, then thought how lazy he normally is!!!! Just kidding. Loved the first pic of Brenna. I cannot believe how big she is getting! Growing right before our eyes! The horses are beautiful. I am sure Mikayla would have loved to see them as well. Keep studying your German, maybe you need to watch some more Disney videos!
Renee :o)