Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday, November 11

Hello All!!

Hope you all are doing well. Brenna and I are missing Dustin, but other than that, we are doing well :-) It rained this morning - so Brenna and I worked on making cutout cookies for the first time together :-) (and for the first time on my own for me!!). Brenna had lots of fun and I wish you all could have seen how covered in flour she was. There are only a few cookie cutters that I have here - o.k. the only ones I have are the ones that Renee gave me that are dog bone shaped - hope you enjoy the picture of this one :-) Brenna loved them - I think she is going to be a little confused the next time we buy Justice dog bone shaped treats :-) The landlord left a star cutter - so we have a few of those as well, but since it isn't Christmas yet - I thought the dog bone shaped ones were more appropriate :-)

We managed to get some laundry done this morning and took the dog for a nice walk after Brenna woke up from her nap. This morning, I caught some sun rising over the Black Forest before the clouds came in - hope you enjoy that picture. It was much more impressive a site this morning in person :-)
Well, that is all for now!! Take Care!!


mikaysmom said...

Yummy looking cookies!!!! I had to laugh and share with my co workers regarding the dog bone shaped cookies. Nothing wrong with that, just make sure when you buy some for Justice that you call them biscuits or something other than cookies. Hopefully that won't be too confusing. Beautiful scenery you have over there. I love seeing pictures like this!

Talk to you soon!