Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, October 12

o.k. - I thought I would post just a "few" pictures tonight of our trip. After loading the pictures onto the computer (think 2 hour process as I have a "happy trigger finger"!), this was the narrowed down "best-of-the-best" (we have a ton of pictures once again - but so many good ones!!!). I love the one of the camel above - it almost looks like he has horns (we spent the day at the London zoo today - what a fun day for the whole family - and a good way to spend our anniversary)! We really weren't as close here as it looks like we were (although they had several exhibits where you could get really close to the animals!) I just loved the sign below - I think this would be a great picture for Brenna's room someday (or maybe even my dining room, lol!)

Brenna and I in Trafalgar Square.
Brenna trying to climb up one of the lion statues in Trafalgar Square

Getting some typical English photo shots - with the telephone booth and one of the guards :-) I love that Brenna was looking at the guard here, lol!!

The picture above and below were at Windsor Castle - really cool castle :-)
Brenna showing how exhausted she was from our travels!!

Brenna being silly at Stonehenge - she loved seeing the "big rocks"

Picture from the London Eye of the British Parliment building with Big Ben
Brenna was trying to hide her face here on purpose! The tower in the backround is Big Ben

Above, Dutin and Brenna in front of Buckingham Palace. Below - pics from St. James's Park and Green Park

This one looks like it is one of those pull down backgrounds, but it honestly was one of the roads in the park leading to Buckingham Palace!

Love, love the next two - great faces with Dustin and Brenna and how cool is the double decker bus in the background :-)

Brenna thought she should take the bear home from the background - we had to tell her that he wouldn't fit in the luggage, lol!

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. We are all very tired after our wonderful trip to London this weekend :-) Hope you enjoy the pictures - lots of great stories to share from out trip tomorrow (or really later today as it took me a long time to put these pics up today!) Hope I remember everything that I want to share!!
Take Care!


The Bean's said...

love all the pictures... looks like you guys had a GREAT TIME... Brenna is growing up so fast... it looks like she LOVEs getting her pictures... such a little model.

mikaysmom said...

I have to agree with Joy! The pics are wonderful, you guys look like you had so much fun and Brenna is such a good model! BTW, love your scarf! Have I seen this one before??? Glad we got a chance to "talk" so to speak last night after you got back. Can't wait to see more photos!

Unknown said...

So good to see all the new adventures. You all look great and having fun! Happy 7th Anniversary, and tons more! (from gammy)