Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 29

I think this Santa is really cute - thinking about putting him on my stocking (maybe even in pink again, lol) - what do you think??

The pictures are small and hard to see here, but they all were posted before from London - I just wanted to show off the snail from Photoshop here :-)

Hello All!!
Hope all is well out there. I believe Brenna is getting over her cold bug here (yeah), but I am just getting started with it (bummer). Let's cross our fingers that Dustin doesn't get it too (at least he didn't get it in London and I didn't get started with it until yesterday). No kindergarten again for Brenna today :-( Hopefully, she will make it tomorrow, although if she doesn't, she should get to see our German teacher (if I am well enough for class) and then play dress up for Halloween over here.

After our paper crafting yesterday, I thought some snail making would be fun today :-) So, I started with a snail embroidery (on a wash cloth for Brenna - she loved her, and she was put in the bathroom right away, lol). I also played with photoshop - didn't realize they had a snail cutout until I was looking at the butterfly one (saying, hmmm- maybe I should have done that yesterday instead of free hand drawing one, lol). Hope you enjoy our projects from today (I also embroidered some Christmas ones - I have some thoughts in my head for stockings to be made this weekend - hope they turn out as cute in real life as they are in my head, lol). (Can you tell that I let Brenna pick the colors for embroidery today - the girl loves pink - definte favorite).
With Dustin away, Brenna and I bought new movies this week - we bought the new Tinkerbell movie and Ice Age (both the 2nd and 3rd one). She loves Ice Age the best of those 3, wonder if it has something to do with the fun movie experience with Papa and Gammy Carpenter - I bet it does :-)
Well, my brain is fried with this cold - I couldn't even help Dustin out with a grocery list today (good thing I don't think we need anything right now). Take Care!


The Bean's said...

Pink Santa is CUTE! Love the Photoshop snails... I will have to try that out..! Hope you feel better soon!

mikaysmom said...

snails, who knew they would be a favorite! Love all of your handiwork today!