Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 20

Justice saw our boots, hats, and scarves and thought "don't leave me behind - I want to go out too (poor guy - we didn't go outside at that point)"

I had to share the above picture of the new ice cream in our house - doesn't it look too pretty to eat (well, not for us - it was given 2 thumbs up by Brenna). Below, my new fabric for Christmas (I did order these from the US) - can't wait to see if the projects come out as pretty as the fabric.
Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! Things have been cold here - brrrr... With the colder weather, I obviously got out my crochet hooks and also my fleece - what else did the cold weather inspire - new fall/winter boots :-) Hope you enjoy our "photo shoot" today! One of the pairs (the pair Brenna was "modeling") have a super cosy wool lining in them :-) I have tested out there comfort the last two days - so far on school walking - thumbs up (although for running and chasing shadows, I need my running shoes on!). I'm hoping to hold off on buying Brenna snow boots until we are home at Christmas (or maybe a wonderful sister of mine could look for some good (even used) snow boots, winter coat, and winter pants?? (inexpensive too - I don't ask too much, lol)).
Brenna enjoyed the last two days of sunshine here - we have been chasing shadows on the walks home from school :-) (how do we chase our shadows you might ask - well there are several shady spots on the way home, so we have to run between those areas back into the sun to "find" our shadows - Brenna loves it - and I think it is probably good exercise for me too :-)
Brenna took a marathon nap yesterday - she napped in her room for about 2 hours and then came out on the couch and napped for another 1.5 hours - I can't believe she still slept last night! Poor Justice was getting very itchy to go outside by the time we got up and around (and then we needed a flashlight and Dustin had to join our "party" down to the park!). Of course, a long nap day should be followed by a no nap day - so Brenna had an early bedtime today. At least Dustin didn't have to worry about working late as he is in Turkey this evening :-( I am so glad that he comes back tomorrow night (even if it is late).
My muffins went over well with Dustin and me - we finished them all off before Monday morning - guess the recipe is a "keeper".
My new fabric came today for some Christmas projects - I really wish I could think of more projects to use this stuff for - it is too cute!!! (o.k. - I probably can't afford to think of too many projects to use the fabric - I feel like I am all about spending these last few weeks - Dustin is going to cut off my computer shopping here shortly!!!)
Well, I think that is it for today - I am turning in for an early bedtime!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Sister to the rescue. I know I have a coat that's too small for the other princess and snow pants. You'll have to let me know what size boots to look for as Mikayla's from last year might still fit her (I think they're 10's) Love the modeling. Brenna looked so cute in her long dress and your boots and scarf. Very grown up! The boots look absolutely comfy and I'm seeing the need for me to get some too! Looking forward to seeing your projects with the christmas fabric-it's adorable!

heathmamagam said...

What a room full of fun you have there! Playing and being happy, yum, yum with the ice cream pic. Sort of brings back some memories of silliness. .