Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday, October 19

Hello All!!

We drove up into the Black Forest today :-) The fall colors make everything so beautiful. I decided to "torture" Dustin and Brenna and get a family picture to post today. They both did very well. Dustin took the picture of the trees in Baden-Baden - aren't they pretty!!

We drove around Baden-Baden and then let Brenna run around some. She loves the park that is in front of the Casino. We ate at Subway for lunch - just to check out a place that has an "American" menu. It was good, but expensive (for what we ate), so we probably won't eat there very often.

Hope you enjoy the family picture :-) - Sorry no dog today as we were not sure where we would end up :-)


mikaysmom said...

Nice pictures! I am extremely jealous as you all look so happy (minus the one where Brenna looks like she's off in another world!)and like you are having the time of your lives! Brenna is turning into quite the character as the days go by! Brenna, Keep up the good work on the pottying! You'll be going on the potty before you know it!